Polígono Landaben, calle L s/n 31012 Pamplona.
COORD: 42.810341, -1.686479
HOTEL +34 948 987 221
RESTAURANTE +34 948 188 271

Hotel – Restaurant

Daily menus for more than 30 years


Our hotel provides guests with several types of rooms, carefully decorated. All of them equipped with all modern day comforts, private bathroom and free WiFi.
Furthermore, you can have a rest or read your book at our common lounge area.

Accomodation is our new service. We want to change the concept of lodging in industrial estates. Close to the companies, near the city and the main accesses to road network.

Restaurant & Bar

We know how the industrial area works. Breakfast for early risers, traditional “till the top” lunch, tapas and pinchos at the bar and a daily menu with our best homemade dishes.

Our professional team at Landaben has evolved, from its family beginning, until becoming a robust ensemble of skilled people willing to provide the best service to our guests.


We are aware of every specific requirement different companies must face depending on the season, visits, size of workforce…

That’s why we are here willing to listen and find a way to offer the most suitable solution to your needs.

The restaurant

A place for meals and interacting.

Our coffee bar is the perfect place for those seeking some time to have a coffee or a snack while reading the newspaper.
Huge glass walls have turned it on to a bright and warm place.


The dining room where we serve our menu or a-la-carte meals has also a small private space ready for those more formal meetings.
Spaciousness and proper soundproofing make the dining room a comfortable space.

The cuisine

Besides our daily menu and our selected dishes, we offer a variety of tapas and generous sandwiches or pinchos you can enjoy at the bar.

Daily menu

Local products are supplied by our partners, supporting sustainability in the area.
Don’t forget to make your reservation. Contact us and tell us your needs.